Wednesday, November 11, 2009

@ tactileBOSCH

In the darkness... The electrics flicker and paint work flakes. The concrete has cracks and the weather outside also happens indoors. The building is like a barn and also like industrial ruins, re-ocupied by artists. Under low angled roofs, webs of extension cables link to security lights and hanging bulbs. The events that took place occupied environments from this building. Integrated into the character of the building. For an exhibition of contemporary art there was more darkness and low lights than you’d expect. Works emerged from dark corners, people undertaking performance in duskish cover, by fire light, or with intermittent halogen bursts. The performances in the large part were durational works, processes, filmic stills, and gradual live installations. This can’t really explain the breadth and depth of the amount of works that happened in the building and stolen scenes or evocative phrases that dilly dally about each piece would be inappropriate. If you saw it you did, and if you missed it you really did miss it. I can say that there was beautiful correlations between works that had very diminished presence and sometimes happened with restricted visual access. The work was in the building to be found, and things were not shoved under your nose. In this way the work invites you to investigate the building. The architecture and the space. The building has such a character that it’s in danger of overpowering the works. But In this show I felt that the art allowed the building to become a proper host, guiding you through the show and the works and the exhibits.

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